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Altera Vita

Altera Vita is Latin for second life, a reincarnation.

I was at the studio late one evening– a tired and clumsy moment led to my bumping no.12 from the FIGURE collection. Thanks to the open-mindedness of my collector I had a chance to give this vase a second life. It had broken in perfect swoops that mimicked my own lines. Back in one piece again it felt more whole than it was before– like something happened to it during its reincarnation, something necessary. The process wasn't done with me yet. 

broken vase with 3 chipped pieces

broken vase

The whole experience was a confirmation of what's been on my mind in relation to the ecosystem of my studio practice. Something that may feel like a failure can feel heavy in the space but I am realizing that is only because I'm trying to make it fit one purpose rather than seeing it with an open mind.

tall vase with pink and blue lines

fixed vase with a pink and gold line


With this inspiration in mind, the first addition to Altera Vita are Canvas Cases– up-cycled from my tests that couldn't become paintings. They are sturdy and great from plein air sessions and to keep tools safe and organized in your workspace.

This concept for Altera Vita is also an effort in sustainability. In any creative practice, experimentation is an important element. It can create something that might feel like waste if you are expecting it to be just the one thing. I am trying to be open minded when I am purging the studio for opportunities to create something that maybe wasn't intended. 




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