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ask for a reset, get a reset



What do you do when you’re in a slump? I drag my sorry self around and I suffer through my complaining internal monologue. It takes me a little while to fully realize that I’m in a slump. Which leads to frustration. Honestly, I spiral. I get lazy and I stop fighting for myself. So that’s where I was at for a little bit. I was trying to snap out of it by changing my routine, but introducing more discipline but the slumpy, sluggish feeling was stubbornly clinging to my body and mind. 

I kept thinking, I need to snap out of it. Then last Monday I found myself wide awake at 2:22 am. I decided to start my day. I didn’t feel fatigued or sluggish and I worked all day until evening without needing a nap. It seems that whatever powers that be intervened and gave me a reset I had been asking for. A big thing I am continually learning over the last 6 months is how to follow my body’s rhythm.


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