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Cadette x OB

small abstract paintings on a wooden table
two small paint tests drying in the sun
ally setting up a photo
the female forma necklace next to a small abstract painting with blue and yellow
jean earrings next to a small painting
photo set up with some books and a sprig of eucalyptus
Ally taking a photo
close up of a raw and polished female forms next to ab abstract painting

A Collaboration

This February is so exciting because a few projects that I have been working on are finally ready to share! This one is so special to me, because I got to collaborate with Ally, the designer and maker of Cadette Jewelry. Her most recent collection called, Sculptura focuses on organic shapes and forms. She tirelessly works each piece to an impossible level of perfection. You can see some of her process on her Youtube channel.

Our collaboration came together out of mutual admiration. As well a shared fascination of exploring form in our respective mediums. Myself through mixed media on paper and Ally through Cadette.


During one of our conversations about the project. Ally sent me a picture of the casting of what would eventually become the ‘Female Form Necklace.’ I wanted to compliment Ally’s handmade process by making each piece that goes with the necklace special. In the final collection there are twelve 4×6″ original works that accompany each necklace.

She is…

The idea behind the each pairing came from our motivation to collaborate. We wanted to emphasize that unity and love that is present and special to female friendships and allow it to shine in this project. She is motivated; she is free; she is incendiary. The titles anchor each piece in a feeling and a sentiment that supports your dreams and goals. Wear the necklace daily to empower yourself, and put the piece in your home as a visual cue to support your journey and your personal growth. This is also a great gift to someone who needs a reminder. She is… you fill in the blank.

Be the First

To preview the full collection ahead of its public release head to Cadette Jewelry and sign up for Cadette’s VIP list. You will get a chance to see all the pairings on the morning of February 12th in a dedicated newsletter from Ally.

We hope you love this collaboration as much as we do!

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