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consistency and spontaneity


I’ve been writing a lot more in-depth about my studio practice and how I approach making art. It has left me feeling inspired and in-tune with myself in the studio lately. I’m thinking so much about how mechanical the things we do everyday become. Last week I reflected about how refreshed I was feeling after my trip out East. This week I am thinking about how to maintain that freshness and spontaneity. It’s so easy for me to fall into patterns without realizing it. Some of them are useful, but others are stifling. The key is to balance them. Spontaneity is important. Consistency is also important. The two needs to be friendly with each other.

I’m going to be delving deep into these themes in the workshop I am leading on November 18th at the Common People Shop. If you are an abstract artist or aspiring to be one this workshop is for you. We’ll work through techniques that explore, line, colour, texture, positive/negative space. I will share so much of what I’ve learned over the years and help you create a healthy studio practice. This workshop is open to a small number so that I can get sufficient one on one time with everyone. More details and registration available here. 


(Re)Watching: Game of Thrones

Listening to: 30 for 30 Podcast

Craving: Ramen 

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