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down to the river


A painter with an easel out in a field or near a river bank is as old as time. Almost cliche even, but it is the surest way to get inspired. 

I spent my Monday this week in Elora going from the Quarry to the Gorge to Bellwood Lake. It rained all morning; making the colour around me lush and vibrant. I ate my lunch in the rain watching the sky reflecting in the still pool of the Quarry. I spent all day hiking and looking for the best place to make painting camp for a couple of hours. Around 3 pm, I found a back entrance to the conservation area with a perfect descent to the river. It never became clear to me whether or not I was allowed to be there. But I was there, for a while and it was perfect. 


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Listening to: my iPod from highschool

Thinking about: the East Coast 

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