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#LoveYourShorelines card with the red crewneck
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a woman standing on a pier

[photography by @luna.lindsay]


For the launch of the Forms II crewneck for my #LoveYourShorelines project – I want to talk about what the choice to be bold means to me. 

This year has been full of firsts. As I embark on this new adventure of being a full time artist, I often find myself in unchartered territory. I’m making decisions and choices with no concrete precedents. For a period of time I felt like I was free-falling which was important because it forced me be more assertive than I naturally am. 

There is nothing like being totally in charge of your day, of where your money is coming from or when you spend it. You’re forced to self-motivate (alot!) and make moves based on instinct and intuition. The higher the stakes, the deeper I dig to make the choices that are right for me. The unapologetic boldness of radical self-love and self-belief for me has equaled to overall happiness.  I still fall into patterns of berating myself or getting obsessed with getting things perfect. But I am more effective in stepping out of these patterns which allows me to live with less second guessing and inhibition and more freedom. 


Thinking about: Time management 

Practicing: Patience

Wearing the Forms II crewneck from #LoveYourShorelines. I wear this sweatshirt when I need to feel empowered or when I need to re-connect with my purpose.


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