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from start to finish

I am dedicated to the process. And I have to consistently recommit and reaffirm that dedication. It is really easy to want constant results.

My birthday was in September and a friend of mine did a tarot reading for my year. She also looked up my life card, which was the wheel of fortune. My first reaction was fear. I thought it meant something definitive, like luck or a lack of luck. But what it actually signifies is the continuous journey. It never stops moving, just like a studio practice has to continue to move and breathe and evolve without the burden of expectation. 

Results or paintings in my case are by-products of the process, the process is not the by-product of the final work. The healthiest thing for anyone in a creative field is to internalize this. 

closeup of a painting

detail of ‘Personal Best’

4 small paintings on a wall

‘My Shadow’ and ‘Souvenir’ series

woman with a painting

‘No Ending no.1’ in a frame

a 4x6" painting

‘Notes from the Pier no.1’

studio drop cloth full of paint

evidence of the process (drop clothes)

a close of a wash in a painting

close up of ‘Thunder no.1’


Watching: The Morning Show

Thinking about: picking up cross country skiing



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