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go about it quietly



I had a choir master when I was younger (and in choirs), who taught us an amazing technique for finding the key and getting in tune. He would get us to sing as quietly as possible. When you sing really quiet, you can hear where you’re off key. 

I use this technique for a lot of things now. It’s especially useful in my studio practice. I limit myself to just a pen, or just a pencil, or one brush and one colour. I focus my expression into a single element on the page. In this Photo Diary, I document one of these studies I did to get myself back on track.


Join me on October 7th at my home/studio. I am going to lead the group in a 2-hour workshop to help you hone your vision and focus on a project. I am doing this in October so that you can take your ideas and work on them as we hibernate through the winter. Sign up here or send me a question if you have one here.  


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