golden afternoons

sunlight falling unto new paintings
sunlight unto new paintings
sun setting and casting shadows in the window
holding an new painting in the sunlight
large piece of driftwood
a bright spot of light on the wall

cat's paws in the sunlight


Getting through the last couple of weeks of winter by revelling in its golden afternoons. I’ve been hibernating due to the cold, but also because I am spending a lot more time painting to prepare for shows in April. I noticed I get restless and lose energy between 1 and 3pm, not every single day but it does happen often. I would try and fight this feeling but it only made it stronger and I would feel worse. I would get thoughts like I wasn’t working hard enough, like the day was slipping away, and general feelings of heightened anxiety. I eventually learned to surrender to the moment. Now once I feel it coming I put down what I’m doing and read a book or have a late lunch. I do something relaxing and useful for myself and it instantly feels like a curse lifting off; the feeling just goes away. I find myself full of renewed energy and I get back to painting. 


Reading: Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami

Thinking about: April

Prioritizing: Walking more

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