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Listen to the Thunder

The night before the release of my new paintings I got woken up by thunder and lightening. It was incredibly loud. The lightening lit up the road periodically making the street shine like a mirror catching sunlight. I lay awake for a while listening. 

It took me back to a memory from this summer. I was camping in Lake Superior National Park. The last night I spent there was a full on lightening and thunder show. I have never heard thunder like that before. You don’t have a choice to sleep or not sleep, you are definitely not sleeping through that kind of sonic intensity. It’s a cleansing sound. You can feel it in your body, in your chest, your stomach, your head. You’re both in a state of anticipation, active pause and experiencing the sublime.

It felt fitting to launch a collection of new paintings that I titled ‘Thunder Rolls Across the Bay’ a few hours later. 


There is so much about the unknown in these paintings, I am exploring freely outside the margins of the paper pushing the eye out, making space for thinking beyond what you get to see. What is beyond what we can see? What will you do when the well-worn and trodden path ends, how will you continue?

I like to think about how memory plays a part in our lives, what does it mean to remember, to revisit, to retell. Lines move, intersect and layer as a thought might run parallel to and across other thoughts or perhaps memories. These paintings can be seen as a map; a type of internal geography of emotion, tracking footsteps and paths we take more than once, feelings we feel over and over again. Challenges that reoccur and ask you have you learned anything yet? 

art studio scene

a mind map of studies

black cat with postcards

Marlowe with the new Postcard Set

art studio scene

problem solving

art studio scene

a little corner of the studio

art studio scene

curating the final works

detail of a mixed media painting

a detail from the painting ‘Personal Best’



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Thunder Rolls Across the Bay

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