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my romance with Bruce


rock with yellow moss
a white feather trapped by rocks
different rocks laying on the shore
wind on the lake
a blue tent set up among the trees
a rocky shore
rock plate submerged in water
sunset on a small lake
forest floor with pine needles and yellow cedar
bruce peninsula cove
beautiful blue water
navy bathing suit drying on the rocks



moss on the rocks

trapped feather

hard and soft

wind on the water


rock foliage


sunset (first night)

forest floor


blue ombre

october swim


I had resolved to take a solo camping trip in 2017. I wrote it down as a part of a long list of goals and promptly got caught up with other things and forgot about it. At the end of August, I booked a campsite in the Bruce Peninsula National Park for thanksgiving weekend. As the long lazy arm of summer extended into early October, I packed up my car and hit the road north. The combination of classic autumn foliage mixed with the lagging summertime heat created a dreamlike setting. Every colour set to maximum, but no one element overshadowed another. I was observing harmony. A lot of the work I ended up installing at the Pape/Danforth Library was inspired by this getaway.

If solo-camping is something you’ve thought about but haven’t done – I can only say that my experience was amazing and I highly recommend it. It’s challenging and fulfilling. You’ll inevitably surprise yourself–  I was able to make a fire in the pouring rain. It’s empowering and humbling to take yourself out of the comforts of routine and try another way of living, even if it’s for a short period of time.


Reading: Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Listening to: Still Processing (podcast)

Thinking about: a new winter coat



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