my romance with Bruce


moss on the rocks

trapped feather

hard and soft

wind on the water


rock foliage


sunset (first night)

forest floor


blue ombre

october swim


I had resolved to take a solo camping trip in 2017. I wrote it down as a part of a long list of goals and promptly got caught up with other things and forgot about it. At the end of August, I booked a campsite in the Bruce Peninsula National Park for thanksgiving weekend. As the long lazy arm of summer extended into early October, I packed up my car and hit the road north. The combination of classic autumn foliage mixed with the lagging summertime heat created a dreamlike setting. Every colour set to maximum, but no one element overshadowed another. I was observing harmony. A lot of the work I ended up installing at the Pape/Danforth Library was inspired by this getaway.

If solo-camping is something you’ve thought about but haven’t done – I can only say that my experience was amazing and I highly recommend it. It’s challenging and fulfilling. You’ll inevitably surprise yourself–  I was able to make a fire in the pouring rain. It’s empowering and humbling to take yourself out of the comforts of routine and try another way of living, even if it’s for a short period of time.


Reading: Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Listening to: Still Processing (podcast)

Thinking about: a new winter coat



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