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Delving into ceramics has allowed me to access new creative paths that lived in hiding in my brain. I had talked myself out repeatedly from trying new mediums. My excuse was that something new was going to take my time and focus away from my paintings. What I've realized is that a new outlet adds– it doesn't take anything away. I love the idea that I can make my vision into a thing that someone can hold and use. I love that I can add objects that can live with my paintings and speak to them. An object that can be touched, a lived in object. Here are some studio photos of my process - some sculptures and vessels you may recognize but there are a few new things you will see in the future.
(Also if you're reading this and you've been feeling like you want to try a new skill - this is your sign that you should go for it.) 

ceramic cubes with organic cut-outs
an organic stand
flat organic cut-outs
a ceramic cube
ceramic sculptures on a shelf
a collection of organic stands
5 piece ceramic vases
adder stone sculpture
 painting and a vase
small painting and adder stone vase

Ceramics by collection:
Homebody Collection (on-going - this is where you can find the organic stand)
Figure Collection (vases- there are two left)
Silhouette Collection (my newest works, includes the Adder Stone Vases)

Listening to: Guru, the Dark Side of Enlightenment - a Wondery Podcast 
Reading: 'Conversations with Friends' by Sally Rooney 
Thinking about: grief 

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