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There are days where nothing that happens in the studio works… at all. I have a rule that I don’t judge my work the day that I paint. Time is a way to get perspective but even perspective can’t make an unsuccessful painting work. Instead of getting frustrated which used to happen a lot more – I now look for what I can learn. In every failure there is a lesson. 

I keep the moments I find interesting. I can’t replicate them because of the nature of my work but I allow them to inspire me. There are weeks where those salvaged moments are what propel my work.

I am holding a Workshop all about cultivating a healthy studio practice. I’m hosting it out of my studio/home on October 7th. I chose to host it in October because I want to help you get decided on your project as we head into our long winter. My goal is to make you unstoppable this winter by helping you find a clear direction of where your work is going, supported by a healthy studio practice . If you’d like to come sign up here if you have a question drop me a line


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