Paris, September

 The glass pyramid in front of the Louvre


Last September, I did something spontaneous. I felt stuck and uninspired and I wanted to be in awe of something. So for my 29th birthday I booked a trip to Paris. Paris is my dad’s favourite place; I had made a promise to myself three years earlier when I stopped over there for 3 days that I would come back.

I spent the week doing whatever I wanted. It’s challenging when you’re in a routine to know how you like to spend the day. It was important for me to reconnect with that. It’s also nourishing to feel awe. To look at such beauty that you feel frozen. I love the work that came out of that trip. It’s charged with that pure energy and it’s special. I can’t wait to go back and back and back again. 


Listening to: WTF with Marc Maron (the first 10 minutes of the Sean Penn episode made me cry in the best way)

(re)Watching: Mad Men

Thinking about: Summertiiiiime


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