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rhythmic repetition


I’ve been working on new tests as I make a foray into working on canvas. I have been skirting around the perimeters trying to find a way in. The difference between what I can do on paper and canvas felt like an unbridgeable divide. I have grown comfortable with paper over the last four years. It was only when I started to embrace all the knowledge and instinct I’ve acquired that I started to see progress. 

Repetition is a big theme in my work. On paper I can explore it by trying something multiple times on fresh sheets. On canvas I can explore it by building out those ideas in one place over and over again until something unexpected reveals itself to me. I feel a little bit more vulnerable than usual sharing this process because it’s still so fresh. But I feel equal part happy with the work that I’m producing. Stay tuned for more. 


Listening to: Down the Rabbit Hole Podcast with Tess Ward

Thinking about: a vacation

Looking forward to: the first summer swim

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