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she explores… Lake Superior


Soundtrack: Fresh water waves crashing against pebbles and driftwood, birch trees rustling in the wind.

Smell: Blooming jack pine, moss, and wild blueberries

Sensation: Soft pine needles on the forest floor, warm wind on wet skin, crawling into a sleeping bag with a tired achiness all over.


lake superior


lake superior  beach




beached tree


forest floor with a rock forest path lichen moss



beach rocks sand ripples submerged rocks


multi coloured moss


multi coloured moss rock close up driftwood


horizon, overcast day


wild blueberries 


pictographs rocks


pictograph rock


rock wall narrow path between cliffs


an empty beach


fallen birchpaddleboard on a beach



shadow in the water rock island rock island



rocky shorecrashing wavepaddleboard shadow in the shallows


diving in the wreck book



cooking on a campfire  camp hammockcamp food


blue tent



A photo diary of my time in Lake Superior Provincial Park. Read my essay ‘Painting is the Last Step’ on She-Explores. 


Watching: Succession

Listening to: Lake Street Dive “Mistakes”

Thinking about: circular patterns

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