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Stray Thoughts Series

a small abstract painting with cool colours
work desk with scattered work supplies
a small abstract painting with blues, pinks and oranges
work desk with scattered art supplies
two rows of 7 small paintings
a small abstract painting
artist sitting in front of the small work pinned on a wall


“stray thoughts 11”

final decisions

“stray thoughts 7”

colour story

first 14 in the series

“stray thoughts 6”

in front of my new wall of minis


I have curated a series of 4×6″ works titled “Stray Thoughts”. This is an important practice because through these studies I can experiment with the most freedom. They are little worlds, little escapes, little pieces of how I feel, little stray thoughts. The decision to share this series was important for me for two reasons. One is that I get to share my process more intimately with you, because essentially these pieces are maps to bigger and/or future works. Second is that I wanted to figure out an accessible way to offer my work, and this feels like the most authentic way to do that.

I hope you love them,

I hope one speaks to you.


Reading: Blue Nights by Joan Didion

Thinking about: organic shapes and patterns

Listening to: TGIM podcast

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