Stray Thoughts Series

a few small drawings scattered on a table with art supplies around them.
a work in progress drawing with a dew pastels scattered around.
the first 14 mixed media paintings titled "stray thoughts"
a small painting held up against a white wall, with dark indigo, green and peach shapes.

“stray thoughts 11”

final decisions

“stray thoughts 7”

colour story

first 14 in the series

“stray thoughts 6”

in front of my new wall of minis


I have curated a series of 4×6″ works titled “Stray Thoughts”. This is an important practice because through these studies I can experiment with the most freedom. They are little worlds, little escapes, little pieces of how I feel, little stray thoughts. The decision to share this series was important for me for two reasons. One is that I get to share my process more intimately with you, because essentially these pieces are maps to bigger and/or future works. Second is that I wanted to figure out an accessible way to offer my work, and this feels like the most authentic way to do that.

I hope you love them,

I hope one speaks to you.


Reading: Blue Nights by Joan Didion

Thinking about: organic shapes and patterns

Listening to: TGIM podcast

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