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Summer is here, and I am feeling inspired. I am making the most of this heat and spending lots of time on the lake. I’m thinking so much about the work I want to create next and projects I want to do. My dream project right now is to do a huge piece or a big mural somewhere. I find myself taking photos of big blank walls I pass by in the city that I imagine I will paint one day. Summer is for day-dreaming, and expansion.

I’ve had one dream for a long time and that was to host and lead a creative workshop. The thing I am most confident in is my studio practice. I took a long time figuring out how to focus, how to develop ideas, and what techniques to use when I am stuck. I am also a natural editor. When I look at someone else’s work no matter what it is and I can see the big picture.

I spent some time thinking of how I can share these skills with others and I developed my first workshop! It’ll take place in September at my home/studio. It’s open to everyone, no experience required, just your willingness to try a new approach. If you’re interested see all details about it here, and feel free to ask me any questions

I hope you take some time to day-dream today!


Reading: Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman

Watching: Set it Up on Netflix (the true return of the rom-com in its purest form)

Thinking about: Big things!

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