summer thus far


Planning for the Kensington Market Art Fair

Work space

First show date at KMAF

Main 'wall'

Copper pipe set-up success

Much needed break

My favourite flooded dock

Sun on the water


I had a really great time at the first KMAF. I made myself a strict prep schedule that paid off in a big way. Namely getting white tarp to build walls, which ended up saving my work from the rain storm that hit right before noon. I had been in isolation with my work for awhile and it felt so great to get out of my lair and interact with so many people.

Right now I am back in prep mode for my next date, which is July 30th. The fair is at 77 Nassau St. from 12-7pm. I've been working all of July thus far on new work for the Shorelines series. This time I've been drawing in the morning and exploring foggy, still compositions. Come see for yourself on the 30th!


Reading: Gap Creek by Robert Morgan

Listening to: The Lonely Palette

Thinking about: future projects




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