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touch and feel

I love using and combining wet and dry mediums. There is contrast both in the way they look in final works but also the experience of using them.

A paint brush is an extension of your arm, the body, the gesture. There is intimacy there but there is also space –a type of removedness. The pastel is more like another finger. Closeness. Soft pastel is unruly, it often does what it wants even though there is such closeness. Watered-down paint also can act on its own. I am obsessed with how these distances and their respective energies relate and differ both in process and in the paintings. 

The presence of both pushes paintings on paper to a place that is somewhere further along. It provides texture that wet medium can’t do on its own and neither can a dry medium. They need each other, otherwise a lot of these ideas cannot come together. These are the ideas in the Touch series.

It is my way of technically distilling some of these ideas.  What do you see?

Touch no.1, mixed media on paper, 4×6″, 2019 (I curated six paintings, three are 4×6″ and three are 6×9″.) 



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