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winter beach


It is so fitting that as I write this, the first snowstorm is raging into Toronto. 

This past week I installed 9 pieces at my favourite neighbourhood spot Bud’s Coffee Shop here in the Beaches. I relish the opportunity to do a full installation in a space. I love thinking through how certain pieces can contribute to the way a person might spend their time in a particular room. For this install I considered the atmosphere of this light, welcoming space and the community of the Beaches. This neighbourhood is really special in the winter time. Evenings on a snow-covered beach with the lake frozen over are spectacular with their colour and luminosity. In anticipation of this magic, along with other works I installed a series of 6×9″ works titled ‘Winter Beach’. You can go have coffee with them now all winter long. 

The Winter Beach series will be available next week. If you want to be the first to preview the paintings be sure to sign up for my newsletter. And make sure to go play in the snow!

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