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words, worlds

Scope no.1


Through It no.5


Scope no.2


Through It no.4


Trace no.6


Impact no.2


Trace no.2


Through It no.1



There are people who see musical notes as colour. I see words as colour. Within the words I can imagine a whole cinematic world. I think that’s why I always loved reading and especially poetry. One well written, simple line can evoke maximum vision and emotion in the parallel universe of my imagination.

Connect the Dots

There are times when I don’t catch these collisions. But when I do, it feels like magic. A conversation, a piece of news, a film, words scratched into the side paneling of a streetcar, an out of the blue message from a friend – all equal to a singular idea or theme. The long awaited clue, the next step. 


You are presented with a whole. A mechanic has to take apart the car to learn how to put it back together. A doctor has to open the body to know how to sew it back up. What does an artist have to do? 


Listening to: Dissect Podcast, all seasons

Thinking about: movement, sway

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